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Slide Heart centered healing
Deanna Gabriel Vierck

Do You Need Support in Any of These Areas?

The following are areas of specialty for my work. I look forward to developing just the right combination of support for you and your unique needs.
Connection to Self

The inner quiet stimulated by Energy Healing opens the doorway to a deeper understanding of who you are and what is needed for fulfillment.

Stressed & Overwhelmed

Energy Healing is known to calm and quiet the mind while fostering a sense of overall peace and wellbeing.

Anxiety & Depression

Energy Healing can clear intense emotions that have become a dominant experience and make space for lighter feelings of peace and contentment.

Acute & Chronic Illnesses

When the Biofield is cleared through Energy Healing, the resulting surge of vitality can have a positive effect on the body’s physical wellbeing.

Energy Healing

Plant Therapy

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Deanna Gabriel Vierck

Deanna Gabriel Vierck is a Shamanic Energy Healer, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner. She has consulted on a variety of health and wellness publications and is the author of Chakra Healing: a guide to opening, balancing and unblocking your chakras. Deanna offers virtual, one-on-one healing sessions to help her clients successfully navigate a wide variety of challenges such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, trauma, spiritual evolution and physical pain/discomfort. Her heart-centered approach to healing puts clients at ease and allows for a greater understanding of root causes of challenges from both an energetic and physical perspective. Through the use of shamanic exploration, energy healing therapeutics, plant medicines and lifestyle/nutritional support, Deanna helps create a path forward to living with more inner awareness and vitality. 


Take the step on your healing journey with this amazing soul who will make you feel comfortable, loved, at ease, supported, heard and genuinely improve your life no matter where you're at!



Deanna is very skilled at making you feel safe and heard. Her breadth of knowledge is a real asset for healing—from plant based to subtle body medicine - her intuition is spot on and her energy work is deeply restorative.



Deanna’s a kind, present, intuitive and loving healer... I always walk out of our session feeling so clear and complete in myself.



Deanna has a bright, uplifting heart and a deeply grounded spirit that has guided and assisted my growth. I’m so grateful for her beautiful magic in my life!



My sessions with Deanna have truly been life-altering.  Each time I have a session with her, I leave a different person than when I entered