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Mother and son reading together. Both smiling and happy

My sessions with Deanna have truly been life-altering

Deanna is very skilled at making you feel safe and heard. Her breadth of knowledge is a real asset for healing—from plant based to subtle body medicine - her intuition is spot on and her energy work is deeply restorative. -Tami

Mother and son reading together. Both smiling and happy

Connection to Self

The modern world is full of so much stimulation and distraction. It can be easy for you to lose your sense of direction and stop hearing your inner voice guiding you. When you lose this connection to your inner guidance you can feel lost, sad and uncertain about yourself and the life you are creating. Energy Healing is a wonderful way to clear out the loud and dominant frequencies of the world and bring you back into connection with the profound wisdom that exists within you. As you continue to connect to this wise voice within, you can begin to feel more whole and more connected to your heart and spirit.

Stressed & Overwhelmed

Feelings of stress and overwhelm have become increasingly normal for many in this modern life. It seems like there is just So.Much.To.Do. Receiving regular Energy Healings can begin to dramatically shift your inner world to a place that has more calm space and clarity. The internal peace and quiet often stimulated from a healing can be carried into your day to day experiences and become your normal baseline. Many people recognise that when they engage in Energy Healing, they notice that in their daily routines they begin to act and react in a more grounded and balanced manner. 

Anxiety & Depression

While some struggle with alternating cycles of anxiety and depression, others experience struggles with only one. Typically, anxiety will lead to more feelings of anxiety because when you are in an anxious state you see, hear and interpret your experiences through the lens of this anxious energy. Similarly, when depression sets in, your world is colored by the low energy of the depression and tends to bring you more of the same. Energy Healing is a wonderful way to assist you with clearing these uncomfortable energies from your biofield, creating an opening for lighter, more supportive energy to fill the space.

Acute & Chronic Illnesses

It may surprise you to know that Energy Healing is practiced in many hospitals and healthcare offices around the country. This is because it has been observed that when the body’s biofield, or energy field, is cleared of stagnant energy or “loud” energy generated by experiences like infections and pain, there is more overall vitality available in the body for healing. In situations of illness, Energy Healing can assist the body in handling viral or bacterial infections and may ease uncomfortable symptoms. Energy Healing is also known to facilitate deeper sleep, which is well known as an essential component to overall health and healing. Additionally, many people experience relief from pain during and after an Energy Healing and there are healing techniques that target pain specifically.

What is Energy Healing?

The human body has an extraordinary intelligence and when given the proper tools and support, it is capable of profound healing. The process of Energy Healing is essentially the process of connecting an individual to a specific kind of energy needed for healing. There are a wide variety of benefits reported as a result of engaging in Energy Healing. Most people feel an immediate sense of calm and peace during and after receiving a healing. Many also report experiencing relief from things like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and busy, chaotic minds. Still others report various levels of pain relief, relief from the discomforts associated with acute illnesses such as viral infections and symptoms resulting from chronic illness. There are even many hospitals in the US who offer Energy Healings to patients pre/post surgery and as a way to ease the side effects of intensive treatments like chemotherapy.   


So, how does energy healing bring such deep and varied results? The answer is found in the understanding that all matter, including the human body, creates a field of energy around it. In humans this is often called the biofield and this field is fueled by the physical functioning of the material and space that makes up our bodies. This energy is in constant connection with the energy fields of all surrounding matter. It is through this lense that we can see how we are indeed all connected. 


Much of human disease and discomfort, both physically and emotionally, is caused by disturbances in the personal energy field. Strong emotions, intense experiences, illness or physical injuries can create blocks in the body’s energy flow and these blocks affect the way energy is flowing in the entire field, resulting in both emotional turmoil and physical discomfort. An energy healer works with the individual to detect these disturbances and bring balanced flow back to their field through the process of entrainment, meaning the client’s biofield begins to tune itself to the healing frequency held by the practitioner on behalf of the client. The practitioner will seek to understand the nature of the challenge and then hold an intention to harness the frequency needed to restore vitality to the client in whatever way is needed. When someone receives an energy healing, they are experiencing a positive alteration in the way the field of energy in and around their body is operating because the practitioner serves as a kind of “jumper cable” that connects the client to the energy they need to clear blocks in their field. When balance is restored, relief can come in many different forms and when an individual frequently engages in energy healing, the relief experienced is often deep and can positively impact their lives in a number of unexpected ways. 

How does long distance
energy healing work?

Because the energy fields of all matter are connected, there is no need to be in the same physical location to stimulate a healing change in another’s energy field. Think about how it feels to connect with someone during a phone call. Even if you don’t know the person well, you can often tell what they are feeling by their tone of voice, by the silence or lack of silence during the call. You can easily become affected by the experience of the phone call because your energy field is impacted by the energy of the other person on the phone. When the phone call is charged with energy like tension you can be left feeling agitated. Or when one person has a slow, dull tone, that energy is also transferred across the line and can leave you feeling heavy and flattened. Likewise, when talking with someone who is upbeat and energetic you often find that you too begin feeling more energized and joyful or talking with a positive, peaceful individual can leave you feeling similarly. We can clearly feel the other person and be affected by their energy even though we are not in the same physical space because we are tuning into their energy field. 


The experience of one energy field affecting a change in another’s energy field happens in a long distance healing scenario. Energy medicine practitioners are able to tune their own energy fields to the frequency needed by the client for healing. The practitioner consciously synchronizes their two biofields and then focuses on the healing frequency needed. After a period of time, the client’s biofield begins to tune to this healing vibration and begins emitting it as well, stimulating a healing response throughout the body. This same process is happening during in person healings.


Many individuals share that they experience an even deeper healing connection during long distance sessions because their minds are not distracted by sharing physical space. Each individual is comfortable in their own space and can enjoy an increased sense of safety and freedom as a result. These feelings of comfort can enhance the effectiveness of energy healing. Additionally, phone healings often offer the opportunity for the client to enjoy quiet moments alone immediately following the session. 

How do plant medicines
work with Energy Healing?

Plant medicines can be woven into Energy Healing in a number of ways to support the ongoing healing of the individual. One beautiful way to engage plant medicine is through Plant Spirits, which is the pure energy and consciousness of a plant. Plant Spirits often connect with an individual during energy healing to deepen a particular aspect of supportive energy needed by that person. The plants show up as companions, as guides, as messengers and as active participants in moving energy in the field for the benefit of the individual. When a Plant Spirit engages during a healing it is often advised that the client look for ways to connect with this plant outside of the healing session. This can look like journaling or meditating with the plant, taking the plant remedy as a tea or tincture or simply inviting that Plant Spirit to be present whenever loving support is needed. 


There are times when Energy Healing is complemented by addressing specific physical challenges through the use of herbal teas, tinctures and supplements. When the appropriate herbal remedies are taken to support physical health, the energetic support given to the biofield can become even more effective. 


Another way to utilize plants with Energy Healing is through Flower Essences. These plant medicines are liquid preparations of plant energies that target specific challenges often related to emotions, beliefs and attitudes about oneself and the world. Each flower essence has a specific healing frequency and when the right flower essence is selected, the frequency held by the plant will uplift the individual and assist in removing the disruptive pattern. This works because the energy, or frequency, of the plant is much higher than the frequency of the struggle being experienced. When the plant frequency is introduced into the person’s energy field they begin to tune to the higher vibration and release the vibration of struggle. Let’s say, for example, that someone is challenged by fear and anxiety. When they take the specific flower essences that can work with these challenges, they will begin feeling more courageous and calm. Several flower essences can be blended into a single remedy to support more complex experiences. 

Embrace your inner spirit