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Deanna Gabriel Vierck CCH CN is a Shamanic Energy Healer, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Flower Essence Practitioner. She has consulted on a variety of health and wellness publications and is the author of Chakra Healing: a guide to opening, balancing and unblocking your chakras. Deanna offers virtual, one-on-one healing sessions to help her clients successfully navigate a wide variety of challenges such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, trauma, spiritual evolution and physical pain/discomfort. Her heart-centered approach to healing puts clients at ease and allows for a greater understanding of root causes of challenges from both an energetic and physical perspective. Through the use of shamanic exploration, energy healing therapeutics, plant medicines and lifestyle/nutritional support, Deanna helps create a path forward to living with more inner awareness and vitality. 

Deanna offers group healings upon request and loves facilitating healing explorations as a part of workshops and retreats. Group healings are tailored to the individual group needs and can combine shamanic work, energy healing,  plant medicines and nutrition/lifestyle guidance. Additionally, Deanna is a seasoned public speaker and enjoys speaking to groups on ways to enhance spiritual and physical wellbeing as a path for living with more presence and vitality.

Deanna is the co-founder and product formulator of Meraki Mama Botanicals,a women’s wellness company offering unique, liposomal supplements to address everyday problems like stress, anxiety, fatigue, immune health and insomnia. Meraki Mama’s supplements use cutting edge science to create highly effective supplements that are well absorbed in the body, making them much more effective. To learn more about Meraki Mama visit merakimamabotanicals.com

What is Energy Healing?

The human body has an extraordinary intelligence and when given the proper tools and support, it is capable of profound healing. The process of Energy Healing is essentially the process of connecting an individual to a specific kind of energy needed for healing. There are a wide variety of benefits reported as a result of engaging in Energy Healing. Most people feel an immediate sense of calm and peace during and after receiving a healing. Many also report experiencing relief from things like stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and busy, chaotic minds. Still others report various levels of pain relief as well as relief from the discomforts associated with acute illnesses like viral infections and symptoms resulting from chronic illness. There are even many hospitals in the US who offer Energy Healings to patients pre/post surgery and as a way to ease the side effects of intensive treatments like chemotherapy.   


So, how does energy healing bring such deep and varied results? The answer is found in the understanding that all matter, including the human body, creates a field of energy around it. In humans this is often called the biofield and this field is fueled by the physical functioning of the material and space that makes up our bodies. This energy is in constant connection with the energy fields of all surrounding matter. It is through this lense that we can see how we are indeed all connected. 


Much of human disease and discomfort, both physically and emotionally, is caused by disturbances in the personal energy field. Strong emotions, intense experiences, illness or physical injuries can create blocks in the body’s energy flow and these blocks affect the way energy is flowing in the entire field, resulting in both emotional turmoil and physical discomfort. An energy healer works with the individual to detect these disturbances and bring balanced flow back to their field through the process of entrainment, meaning the client’s biofield begins to tune itself to the healing frequency held by the practitioner on behalf of the client. The practitioner will seek to understand the nature of the challenge and then hold an intention to harness the frequency needed to restore vitality to the client in whatever way is needed. When someone receives an energy healing, they are experiencing a positive alteration in the way the field of energy in and around their body is operating because the practitioner serves as a kind of “jumper cable” that connects the client to the energy they need to clear blocks in their field. When balance is restored, relief can come in many different forms and when an individual frequently engages in energy healing, the relief experienced is often deep and can positively impact their lives in a number of unexpected ways. 

Embrace your inner spirit