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Do I need to do anything to prepare for a private session with Deanna?

During the session you are encouraged to settle into a quiet space where will not be disturbed and where you can rest and relax your body. It is also helpful to have a glass of water nearby, paper and a pen for any notes you may wish to make. 

New clients, please fill out these forms and email them back to Deanna at least one day prior to your session. New client intake and Informed consent forms.

What is a session with Deanna like?

Deanna begins her sessions with a brief conversation about needs for healing. Here we can focus on the challenges you are navigating and your desires for a new and more desirable personal experience.

From there we shift into the active healing portion of the session. Deanna will select an energy healing intervention that best meets your expressed needs. During the healing you are encouraged to deeply relax, let go as best you can and receive the support needed. There are times of silence that allow you to drop deeply inside your own process and there are times where Deanna will guide your attention in a way that feels similar to a guided meditation. Often during sessions Deanna will intuit helpful information for her clients and shares these insights if you so desire. 

After the active healing intervention has been completed she opens the space for you to share and process your experience. During this time she will also give suggestions of personal growth work to continue the healing process between sessions. 

Some videos of energy healing show the client moving a lot on the table, is that what Deanna’s sessions are like?

Most clients find that they benefit from relaxing as deeply as possible during a session and therefore experience more minor movement in arms and legs as energy clears from the system. However, Deanna encourages her clients to follow the energy they feel in their bodies and if you are compelled to move, speak or engage in deep, audible breath work during a treatment that is completely welcome.

What can I expect as a result of working with Deanna in private sessions?

Energy healing tends to be a completely unique experience for each person. Most will note that immediately after a session they feel calm, peaceful, more at ease and present in their bodies. These effects will continue to unfold for several days after your session. Many clients gain important insights into their personal needs as the days unfold. Over time you will likely notice that you are naturally navigating life’s challenges with greater ease and clarity.

How frequently do I schedule sessions?

This largely depends on the individual needs of each client. These needs for healing will change as a result of personal growth and normal ups and downs of life. 

Deanna recommends weekly or biweekly sessions as you begin. This allows you to support your positive shifts by continually refreshing your state of more open flow until it becomes your normal baseline. For those looking for lighter support in maintaining balance and health, monthly sessions work well.

Are plant medicines included in all of Deanna’s sessions?

When plant medicines are appropriate to support the ongoing health of a client, Deanna will include them in the session. The ways that plants are incorporated into each session vary depending on the needs of the client.

Some sessions will include aspects of Plant Spirit medicine. Meaning, the energy and consciousness of a particular plant is called in to actively participate in the healing treatment. Once the treatment is over Deanna discusses the ways the client can continue to connect with this healing energy between sessions. 

There are times when a client may need the support of physical plant medicines as teas, tinctures or capsules. When these needs arise, Deanna will provide details on what plants are needed, in what form it should be taken and where it can be purchased. 

When appropriate Deanna may suggest Flower Essences. These are liquid preparations of plant energies that target specific challenges often related to emotions, beliefs and attitudes about oneself and the world. When the right flower essence is selected, the frequency held by the plant will uplift the individual and assist in removing the disruptive pattern. In some circumstances Deanna will suggest particular essences and then direct the client to where they can purchase these essences for their personal use. In other instances, Deanna may create a custom formula for the client and mail it directly to her client.

How do I take Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are vibrational plant medicines that work best with consistent, frequent doses. Each time you take your personal essence you are teaching yourself to match these beneficial plant vibrations. When taken regularly, flower essences can help with moving beyond your greatest challenges and facilitate profound personal evolution.

  1.       Take your essence 4 drops/4x a day as a minimum. If you are feeling the urge to take your essence more than 4 times in a day go for it! You can even take your drops 4-5 times in an hour if you like. Don’t take more than 4 drops in a dose but feel free to take 4 drops as frequently as you like.
  2.       Take your essence daily until the bottle is gone.
  3.       Because your essence has no preservative and is made in pure spring water, you will need to be mindful of not touching the dropper to your lips or tongue.
  4.       I suggest placing several drops of your essence topically on your body just before going to sleep each night. This allows for deep healing work while you rest. Keep your bottle on your nightstand and take your first dose immediately after waking each morning. This sets up a beautiful beginning and ending to your day.
  5.       Plan for a follow up appointment in  2 weeks.

Does Deanna offer group healings?

Deanna does facilitate group healings, workshops and lectures. Please contact her directly to learn more.

Embrace your inner spirit