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Heart Centered Healing with Deanna

All sessions offer up to 1.5hrs of dedicated time and are conducted over the phone.

Energetic healing is at the core of each session. Depending upon your healing needs, additional modalities may be included in your current and future sessions. These modalities include plant spirit medicine, custom flower essence formulas, herbal remedies and nutritional guidance.

Group healings are also available. Contact Deanna to discuss your group’s needs and develop a customized experience.

New Patient forms: New Client Form, Informed Consent

Do you need support in any of these areas?

The following are areas of specialty for my work. I look forward to developing just the right combination of support for you and your unique needs.

Energy Healing can clear intense emotions that have become a dominant experience and make space for lighter feelings of peace & contentment.

Energy Healing is known to calm and quiet the mind while fostering a sense of overall peace and wellbeing.

The inner quiet stimulated by Energy Healing opens the doorway to a deeper understanding of who you are and what is needed for fulfillment.

When the Biofield is cleared through Energy Healing, the resulting surge of vitality can have a positive effect on the body’s physical wellbeing.

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