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Deanna is the most present and deeply intuitive healer I’ve experienced in a long time. Her ability to deeply listen and guide you to that inner place in need of healing is remarkable. Her use and knowledge of flower essences for your particular session is spot on as is her hands on healing. I would highly recommend Deanna…my short review cannot do justice to her powerful work. – Mary


There is no one in the world like Deanna.  She nurtures and intuitively guides with wisdom and grace.  She is at once a healer, an intuitive, a guide, and the most trusted friend who has your very best interests in mind.  With professionalism, the highest integrity, and pure love, I always feel in the very best hands.  My sessions with Deanna have truly been life-altering.  Each time I have a session with her, I leave a different person than when I entered.  I owe much of my emotional and spiritual evolution to her expert guidance and would recommend her to my closest of friends in a heartbeat. – Lynn


I have worked with Deanna off and on over the past decade and just can’t get enough of her unique medicine!  She is truly tuned in, taped in and turned on.  Every time I commit myself to working closely with her on specific issues I find that shifts happen quickly, easily and effortlessly.  And for some reason I’m always surprised!  Ha!  Deanna has a bright, uplifting heart and a deeply grounded spirit that has guided and assisted my growth.  She has supported me through so much including the heart wrenching death of my husband this year.  With Deanna I always know I have someone in my corner supporting me on my path.  I’m so grateful for her beautiful magic in my life! – Jane


This was by far one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done in my entire life. I felt on a vibrational and energetic high after. I would recommend you see her ASAP!!! If you’ve been waiting to try this, don’t wait any longer, take the step on your healing journey with this amazing soul who will make you feel comfortable, loved, at ease, supported, heard and genuinely improve your life no matter where you’re at! – Chantae


Deanna is very skilled at making you feel safe and heard. Her breadth of knowledge is a real asset for healing—from plant based to subtle body medicine, her intuition is spot on and her energy work is deeply restorative. She’s the best! – Tami


I worked with Deanna over a period of a couple of months. I experienced a deep and lasting shift that I attribute to her work. Deanna is knowledgeable, skilled, and intuitive. She creates a safe and sacred space for profound healing to occur. I highly recommend Deanna. – Kelly


Deanna’s a kind, present, intuitive and loving healer. Her understanding of flower essences and energy alignment is amazing and I always walk out of our session feeling so clear and complete in myself.. What an absolute gift she is to the World. – Ben

Embrace your inner spirit